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Land Opportunity

Little Zoo Sanctuary is seeking land in order to grow our sanctuary in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.


We are open to all ideas in hopes to obtain land, including donation or leasing a set acreage. You may qualify for a significant income tax deduction, avoid capital gains taxes, and, in many cases, achieve significant estate tax savings. 

You can donate land that provides excellent habitat for wildlife, exotic animals and/or farm animals, which we will protect permanently as a wildlife sanctuary. The land will be used to save animals who have been neglected, mistreated and/or abandoned focusing on those often forgotten to be sentient such as exotic animals and wildlife. We also anticipate to save farm animals who have no other place to go due to the overwhelming amount of misplaced farm animals.

If you have land or know of an opportunity that could help us grow the sanctuary please contact us at​

Image by Stijn te Strake
Image by 童 彤
Image by Lesly Derksen
Animal brown horse
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