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Where it all began...

Let me tell you a story about Betty the opossum. I worked at an exotic animal sanctuary in South Carolina after college. Betty was surrendered to the sanctuary because she imprinted on her rehabbers. We believed Betty would make a great ambassador for wildlife education. I had never met a opossum or even gave them a thought before then, so I did research and was ready to love her!


Betty had other plans. In her eyes, she was placed in a new home with all new people and was very scared. She would bare her teeth at whoever came near her. So, every day, I would carefully get her out of her cage, avoiding the many teeth and set her in my lap. I would talk to her while rubbing her and eventually she began to relax in my arms. As time went on, our connection grew, and she ultimately changed my life. I grew to appreciate this native wild animal that does so much for the community and has the worst wrap of any native animal. People believe that opossums are disgusting animals, carry diseases, and will attack if provoked.


It became my mission at the sanctuary to introduce everyone to Betty and watch their perceptions change. I will not go into my opossum rant, but to see people begin to care about an animal that they previously thought indifferent about, is truly amazing. That is how Betty changed my life and I found a passion for the misunderstood animals.

Misunderstood means many different things to the animal(s) in question. For farm animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens, it means a misunderstanding of their sentient nature. For exotic animals like rabbits, chinchillas, and reptiles, it’s a misunderstanding of their extensive care needs and huge personalities. For native wildlife, it’s a misunderstanding of their exploitation of natural habitats.

Little Zoo Sanctuary was created to provide a temporary or forever place to call home for those animals who are misunderstood and mistreated. Little Zoo Sanctuary was so named because I always received the comment that I had a “little zoo” in my house or I would one day; which is very accurate! I wish to actively work in the community to change perceptions and create more compassionate choices. 

dani and betty.jpg
Dani (president)& Betty
Mission and Vision

Our mission is to rescue and provide safe harbor for all animals who are homeless, abused, or neglected so we may be a temporary or forever place to call home. 

We help those animals often forgotten to be sentient such as farm, exotic, and wild animals. We also believe education plays a key role in saving lives and have made it a goal to educate the community on proper animal care and compassionate choices. 

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