Sponsor an Animal

When you sponsor a homeless pet at Little Zoo Sanctuary, you help that animal in ways that can’t even be counted. 

What is a sponsorship gift?

A sponsorship gift is a one-time gift of $25 or more made in honor of an animal at Little Zoo Sanctuary. You can sponsor a specific animal in your own name or as a gift for someone else!

Your sponsorship includes:

- A printed* or digital certificate

- A photo* of the animal you chose

- A digital card with photo to share

* Must include address information at check out

What if I want to sponsor a species?

We have options to sponsor specific species if you do not wish to sponsor a specific animal! These are made a a monthly subscription/sponsorship that can be cancelled at any time. In order to make sure that your gift has the greatest impact it will be used to support  wherever it is needed most. 

What does my sponsorship go toward?

Sponsorship gifts support the work of Little Zoo Society and helps to provide a safe harbor to all animals that come through, whether it is a temporary or permanent home. Sponsorship help us cover the food, housing, vet care and more! 

Which animals can I sponsor?

View our featured sponsored animals below to meet some special friends from the Sanctuary, but you can choose any animal at Little Zoo Sanctuary. Visit our sanctuary animal profiles!

I want an update about my animal. Is that possible?

Because our organization is solely volunteer based and our caregivers are very busy providing daily care and enrichment for who are at the sanctuary, they are not able to provide updates-on-demand for sponsored animals. Follow us on social media for animal updates and subscribe to our newsletter!

Can I help my sponsorship animal get adopted?

Yes! Sharing your animal’s story and helping him or her find a home is one of the best things you can do for your sponsored pet. Sharing their profile on social media is a great idea! Please tag us using #LittleZooSanctuary

Can I make a monthly sponsorship gift?

Sponsorship gifts are one-time gifts only. If you’d like to help the animals year-round, become a Sanctuary Angel and sign up for monthly giving.

If my sponsorship animal is adopted, can I talk to the family who adopted the animal/can I get updates?

The family or adopter may want privacy. However, we do occasionally get their permission to share their stories in our magazine, website, or on Facebook, so be sure to check!